W-Service offer for restaurants

We help in the selection of textiles, material structure, appropriate mix and grammage

Thanks to the appropriate selection of materials, we are able to reduce costs that may arise in the future.

What makes us stand out?

Our main advantages are punctuality and professionalism of the services provided. We guarantee on-time deliveries and collections of textiles with the frequency required by customers in the all-year service system.

We use proven washing technology, without causing excessive material consumption. We have a developed customer care system that allows us to flexibly adjust our services to the customer’s expectations.

For restaurants, we offer:

  • washing table cloths
  • washing gastronomic clothes
  • Kitchen aprons, chef's sweatshirts, aprons, caps, gastronomic textiles

We offer the possibility of renting:

Tablecloths, kitchen aprons, chef's sweatshirts, aprons, caps, gastronomic textiles

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W-Service offers internet support

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The right choice of materials is extremely important. The costs that could cause some problems for you at a later date can be reduced thanks to our professional advice. Our task is also to provide advice on the appropriate selection of textiles, referring to their structure and matching the product mix that will be the most suitable for a given fabric.

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